In addressing the WASH sector, the Al-Raqeezeh Foundation is guided by a clear and well-defined vision regarding the challenge of water scarcity in Iraq.

The water scarcity in Iraq has escalated in recent years, exacerbated by factors such as mismanagement of water use, climate change, and reduced water supplies. These challenges have inflicted significant damage on agricultural land, forcing people to migrate to cities due to the scarcity of  water.

The foundation’s overarching mission is to enhance water management and distribution, striving for the sustainability of these resources to secure the well-being of both current and future generations.

To achieve these goals, RRD is actively involved in projects such as the Agricultural Wells Project, Well Drilling Project, installation of RO water filter plants, and the rehabilitation of water stations in rural areas.

Furthermore, we actively engage communities in these endeavors, aiming to bolster community participation and contribute to their stability. By fostering awareness about the critical importance of water and sustainability.

In addressing the WASH sector in iraq
one of RRD projects In addressing the WASH sector