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Al Rakeezeh Organization

It is an independent, non-governmental civil society organization founded in 2015 and registered in the Department of Non-Governmental Organizations of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers under No. 1N77506. It works to develop society, empower the individual, and establish the foundations of stability in the country.

Our motto

A pillar in everything that serves our society

Our vision

Towards elaborate institutional work that seeks excellence and leadership in all areas of humanitarian and development work, seeking a conscious, cohesive society that supports their right to a dignified life as productive individuals.

Our values

Humanity - Transparency - Neutrality - Quality - Creativity


God Almighty said: “Who is the one who lends to God a good loan, and He will multiply it for him, and for him is a generous reward” (Al-Hadid: 11).
Charity: It perpetuates blessings, wards off vengeance, removes affliction, brings healing, saves from distress, and extinguishes the wrath of the Lord. He will replace whatever you spend, and He is the Best of Providers.


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Our partners and supporters

We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to all charitable and humanitarian institutions and to all benefactors.
All those who contributed to alleviating the suffering of the needy and afflicted and empowering young people and the families of orphans and missing persons.
They put joy on their faces and brought joy to our country.

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