Ahmed is a success story created by the Positive Boy program

أحمد قصة نجاح صنعها برنامج الفتى الإيجابي

Ahmed twelve years old is a smart and outstanding boy in his studies who dreams of becoming a doctor in the future. His father died of complications from heart disease to begin suffering, and his four sisters and their mother in the face of difficulties of life without a father. Ahmed had to leave his studies and seek work to help his mother pay the rent of the house and provide food and other daily needs.

Believing that education is the basis for the progress and development of society and to achieve a better future for orphans within the Positive Boy Project to care for and ensure orphans, we at Al-Rakeezah Foundation and with the generous support of the beneficiaries have supported Ahmed and provided all his requirements within an integrated plan covering educational, social, health and psychological aspects.

The Positive Boy Program, of which Ahmed was one of the success stories as Ahmed will return to the classrooms and live his childhood in a positive spirit ahead of life to be a good element for his family and community as he is now a distinguished student at Nineveh High School.