Will Mona’s suffering end with the Winter beginning?!

مشروع ايواء لتأهيل المنازل المتضررة

Mona, known as Umm Falah in her village, faced immense challenges as a widow and a mother of five in Al-Khudera, Salah al-Din governorate. After losing her husband to cardiac arrest, she found herself struggling to make ends meet in a rickety house. To add to her adversity, Mona was diagnosed with cancer, which further hindered her ability to work and provide for her family.
In the midst of these hardships, a glimmer of hope appeared in the form of the Al-Rakeezah Foundation. As part of a shelter project, the foundation stepped in to restore Umm Falah’s home and equip it with the necessary electrical amenities. Additionally, a significant lifeline was provided – a cow.
This thoughtful provision enabled Umm Falah and her children to sell milk, creating a sustainable source of income to meet their basic living needs.
Overjoyed with gratitude, Umm Falah shared her feelings, saying, “We can’t believe the rain won’t come down from the roof this winter, and we’ll drink warm milk from our cow in our new home.” This transformation not only provided shelter and financial stability but also instilled a sense of security and comfort for Umm Falah and her family.