MAWADA Project for Support Youth Marriages

Al-Rakeezeh conducted the final ceremony event for the sixth cycle of Mawada project on 2/5/2024,
aims to support youth marriages through which provides grants to eligible youth to support their marriages. Each participant (total: 9 participants ) received a grant of 3 million Iraqi Dinars to help them in their marriage journey.

The projects is built on the belief that a strong, understanding, and joyful family life is key. It views marriage as more than just financial readiness and the right age; It is a partnership requiring commitment, effective communication, and problem-solving skills – all ingredients for a successful and fulfilling union.

The ceremony started with a session led by Sheikh Dr. Abdulwahab Taha, a member of the Fiqh Complex and the Imam of Abu Hanifa al-Numan Mosque. He emphasized the significance of participating in educational courses and workshops that equip the youth with essential skills for marital life, including conflict resolution, family management, and fostering a successful and unique partnership and engagement.

Al-Rakeezeh not only provides financial support but also invests in the personal development and relationship skills of the participants, aiming to empower them to build strong and enduring marriages based on mutual understanding, effective communication, and shared values.

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